Body Treatments

Treat yourself from head to toe with our luxurious body treatments.

Designed to take relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation one step further—our body treatments include body wraps, scrubs, and paraffin treatments. These combinations of exfoliation and heat promote the extraction of dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin—leaving your body with a youthful, radiant glow.

Enzyme Body Wrap — $108

Double exfoliation to detoxify, purify and refine skin texture, making skin soft, moist and rejuvenated.

Mud Body Wrap — $90

Mineral-rich dead sea substance to deep cleanse and detoxify the whole body system.

Herbal Body Wrap — $72

A selection of plant extracts massaged on to the body to encourage the release of stored toxins, hydrates and rebalances the body.

Aromatherapy Body Wrap — $72

Soothing lavender and regenerating sage, are massaged into the body to regulate the nervous systems’ metabolic functions and water balance, giving you back your serenity.

Full Body Paraffin — $114

A warm mixture of vitamin E based oils is used to stimulate circulation, cleanse pores, soften skin, loosen joints, and relieve tension

Aromatherapy Cellulite Treatment— $78

A slimming body wrap designed to dissolve, adipose (fat) tissues, detoxify, refine and moisturize skin

Dead Sea Salt Exfoliation — $72

A mixture of healing salt and essential oils is massaged into the body to remove dead skin cells, moisturizes, improves circulation and de-stress