TREATING YOURSELF is now EASIER than ever before.

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Cooper Spa memberships

Imagine guaranteeing yourself a monthly therapeutic massage or relaxing facial. Whether your goal is to relax, achieve pain relief, or support your athletic performance, Cooper Spa’s unique memberships are designed to make scheduling time for yourself a little easier by incorporating monthly treatments into your wellness routine. Become a member today and enjoy exclusive benefits while improving your overall health & beauty!

Go ahead. Treat Yourself.




Cooper Spa Club Card


Our Club Card is designed for regular clients who want to enjoy facials and body treatments more often. It includes an hour long Signature Facial and Body Treatment every month.

Included in this membership:

  • One (1) Signature Facial per month

  • One (1) Signature Body Treatment per month

  • 10% discount on all products & services

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deluxe club card


The Deluxe Club Card is designed for clients who want to add massages to their wellness routine. It includes an hour long Signature Massage, Facial and Body Treatment every month.

Included in this membership:

  • One (1) Signature Facial per month

  • One (1) Signature Body Treatment per month

  • One (1) Signature Massage per month

  • 15% discount on all products & services




Our VIP Club Card is designed for clients who want to supercharge their skin care and wellness. It includes an hour long Signature or Specialty Massage, Facial and Body Treatment every month.

Included in this membership:

  • One (1) Signature or Specialty Facial per month

  • One (1) Signature or Specialty Body Treatment per month

  • One (1) Signature or Specialty Massage per month

  • 20% discount on all products & services



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Enjoy unlimited additional products & services at a discounted member rate! The value of your discount is determined by your membership type.


If you can't make your monthly appointments, your accrued but unused monthly minutes roll over every month! Better yet, you can save them up and share them with friends and family.


If at any time, for whatever reason, you would like to cancel your membership we will honor your request with no hesitation and zero hassle.


Our new referral program is being rolled out exclusively to members of Cooper Spa. Earn credits towards free products & services for new members signed up through a referral!


How do I Get Started?

1. Select a membership type

Go to our Online Appointment Scheduling System and select your desired membership type.


Once you select your membership type, you will be prompted to enter your billing information. You can change your billing info at any time after signing up by logging in to manage your account.


After checking out, look out for (1) a confirmation email with a purchase receipt and (2) an on-boarding email walking you through your new membership!

4. welcome to the club!

Upon receiving your on-boarding email, you can immediately start redeeming your membership and booking appointments using your unique member code!


How do I pay for my membership?

  • When you sign up for a membership, you will be prompted to put your credit/debit card information in to complete the purchase. Unless you change the card on file, the membership will auto-renew every month using the initial credit/debit card you used to sign up.

  • Memberships cannot be paid with cash/check

If I cancel my membership, will I be fully refunded?

  • As stated in our terms and conditions (see below), all membership orders are final. If you wish to cancel your membership at any time after signing up you can call us at (717) 274-6676 or send an email with your request to

What if I don't use my service credits?

  • Any unused appointment credits will automatically rollover and be applied to the following month. So no worries if you get too busy! We will always honor unused appointment credits.

What if I refer a new member and I don't recieve any credit for it?

  • We do our best to track all member referrals, but sometimes they can slip by our radar. If you know you definitely referred somebody but still haven’t received any sort of credit, simply reach out to us via email with the name of the person you referred and we’ll reach out to them to verify the referral. You can also speed up the process by having the member you referred email us directly at with your full name in the email!

Terms & Conditions


If you have questions or concerns regarding your membership, you may contact Cooper Spa via email at with all membership inquiries.


Only professional massage therapists and estheticians who comply with state, city, and/or local licensing or certification requirements are hired by Cooper Spa. You understand that the services Cooper Spa provides are not a replacement for medical care, should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment, that no medical diagnosis will be made, and that you should see a medical provider for any medical issues you may have. It is your responsibility to inform Cooper Spa of any pre-existing conditions, limitations, or specific sensitivities.

Male/female genitalia and women’s breasts will not be exposed or massaged at any time. Modest draping will be used during each of your services. If you do experience discomfort or pain or are uncomfortable for any reason during a service, you agree to immediately ask the therapist or esthetician to adjust the manipulation, draping, pressure, heat, or environment (or, if you prefer, you can ask the therapist or esthetician to end the service at any time). If the therapist or esthetician is unable to relieve your discomfort after you request an adjustment, you will inform the therapist or esthetician you would like to end the service immediately. If you have any concerns about your therapist or esthetician, you agree to bring it to the attention of Cooper Spa immediately following your service. Inappropriate or illegal conduct will not be tolerated in any manner. Cooper Spa may, in its sole discretion, refuse or discontinue a service if it determines such service may be unsafe or cause discomfort for you or if you engage in any inappropriate conduct as determined by Cooper Spa in its sole discretion.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure you get the most out fo your time with us. You may cancel your appointment without charge up to 24 hours preceding your appointment. Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the scheduled service price. If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged full price for the scheduled service.


You are the best source of referrals. To show our appreciation, when you introduce a new member to Cooper Spa Club, you'll receive a complimentary discount, service, or account credit. Cooper Spa has sole discretion on which of the ladder is selected as compensation.


All Monthly Membership sales are final and cannot be refunded. If you wish to cancel, we will always honor unused appointment credits for as long as you need to book them. There is no time limit on unused appointment credits. If you cancel a membership your unused credits are valid forever. Following the initial term of your membership, Cooper Spa will give you 45 days’ advance written notice of any increase in the monthly payment (or membership dues) under your membership to your email address on record or to your last known physical address. Such notice shall be effective on the date sent.


Cooper Spa reserves the right to terminate or refuse to renew your membership for any reason not prohibited by law including, but not limited to, an unsatisfactory payment history. Cooper Spa reserves the right to collect at any time any delinquent or outstanding balance(s) that has not been paid for any services provided or monthly payments owed. For purposes of identification and billing, you agree to provide Cooper Spa with current, accurate, complete, and updated information including your name, address, telephone number, and applicable payment data. You agree to notify Cooper Spa promptly of any changes in your information, including your payment data.

You understand and agree that your membership does not grant you privilege of exclusive or preferred access to Cooper Spa or to any of its services. You or any other individual may obtain access to and purchase any and all services offered by Cooper Spa without entering into an agreement, and you understand that your membership only entitles you to the benefits set forth therein.



Words can’t describe the way you will feel afterwards and your body deserves it! treat yourself—you won’t be disappointed!!!
— Andrea Tindley
The employees are very polite and courteous. Great experience every time I go there.
— Zoë Sanger
Not only was I there yesterday for a massage I was there today for a great facial and sea salt rub down it was the best experience of my life.
— Siobhan Pucillo
The women who work there are incredibly, kind, professional and accommodating.
— Becca Raymond
I’ve been going to Cleide for years; she is the most amazing person you’ll ever meet!!! Her services are wonderful!! You will always be greeted with a smile and kind words!!! Through the years she has become a wonderful and dear friend!!
— Ana Ferreira Lopes