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Start your path towards living a happier, more stress free life today by taking an afternoon off at the Cooper Spa. Our commitment to client satisfaction has made us one of the top spas in Pennsylvania. We are the only spa in the United States that offers the Brazilian massage using our one-of-a-kind techniques learned by and brought to the US by Brazilian owner Cleide Cooper. We offer a wide range of therapeutic services designed to relax, pamper and improve your well-being. Stop in for an appointment today and see what all the buzz is about.

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Our Story

Established in early 2000, the Cooper Spa has come a long way from a small, one story floor in Newark. Founded by Cleide Cooper, the magnificent story behind the Cooper Spa is anything but ordinary. Cleide immigrated to the United States from Londrina, Brasil in pursuit of a better life and bigger opportunities. Cleide found a natural calling in the beauty industry, and her passion led her to go above in beyond in everything she did. After graduating top of her class in beauty school, Cleide was asked to come back and teach alongside her former mentors, and found amazing success in teaching her unique methods and techniques to others. She longed for something more, however. Wanting to leave behind a legacy of her own—and having a natural head for business—Cleide set out to open her first spa in Newark, New Jersey in 2006. She quickly established a large client base in the New Jersey area, attributing her success to the strong, empathetic, and genuine relationships she forms with all of her clients. Today, the Cooper Spa has expanded to a luxurious victorian mansion located in Lebanon, PA with plans in the near future to expand nationally. Cleide has gone on to hire and train a proficient staff to implement Cleide’s unique techniques. Cooper Spa receives clients from all over Pennsylvania and the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, with some of our loyal clients traveling even further for our renowned services.

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